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Welcome to our CO-HOST MOOC. Our 4-month-long MOOC is focused on the topic of quality in mobility and recognition of learning outcomes. Participants will be introduced to the new Erasmus programme, with a focus on Key Actions programmes, offering insights into rules and regulations for extra EU countries and visa requirements to enter EU countries. They will learn how to properly write a project application, how to follow a Quality&Assurance plan, and how to run a project as a partner once it is funded.
Our MOOC, then, gives participants the possibility to better discover how to organise an high-quality mobility and all the EU quality tools at their disposal. 
Finally, participants will be introduced to EU VET role models to be inspired and know the possibilities that the Erasmus world can offer!
The online MOOC experience will be enriched with synchronous activities: 
  • VET Staff Virtual Exchanges to create international networks
  • Informative webinars on Sustainable Tourism and Marketing strategies and on Valorisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage

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