CO-HOST training opportunities

CO-HOST training opportunities

At the end of February, the CO-HOST partnership launched the 4-month-long MOOC, focused on the topic of quality in mobility and recognition of learning outcomes.  In the first module, VET teachers and staff from the Western Balkans have been introduced to the new Erasmus+ programme, with a focus on Key Actions programmes, and have been […]

Empowering Schools to go Global

Exploring EU mobility challenges The CO-HOST consortium conducted two key webinars presented as Virtual exchanges, which brought together educators, experts in education and stakeholders to discuss poignant topics regarding European education, mobility and school internationalisation.  The first webinar, “Challenges in EU Mobilities” was conducted on 29th of March 2024 and featured Mr. Manuel Ribeiro Bacelar […]

The involvement of teachers in the MOOC and virtual exchanges

The CO-HOST (Creating Opportunities for VET Mobility in Hospitality and Tourism) project is aimed to reinforce a greener transition in the tourist sector, enhancing skills and competences of VET learners and to improve and modernize the VET system in WB countries. VET Technical School Korçë, as a partner in this project, after creating the national […]

Establishing National Networks for VET Support: The Journey of Universum International College in the CO-HOST Project

The CO-HOST project, an ambitious initiative aimed at enhancing skills and competences among VET (Vocational Education and Training) learners, has made significant strides in connecting educational institutions and fostering cooperation across borders. Central to this initiative is the establishment of national networks in non-EU countries, including the Western Balkans (WB), to promote interaction and collaboration […]

The creation of National network in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The overall objective of the CO-HOST project is to support the realization of mobility projects between EU member states (Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece) and Western Balkans countries (Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania), aimed at the enhancement of skills and competences of VET learners. The project focuses on the topic of tourism, marketing and hospitality, […]

Enhancing VET through the National Network: CO-HOST’s Impact on Teaching and Learning

The CO-HOST (Creating Opportunities for VET Mobility in Hospitality and Tourism) project is an ambitious international initiative aimed to support Vocational Education and Training (VET) for WB countries through enhanced cooperation and mobility. University College of Business as a partner on this project, has the role to create national network with the schools working in […]