Mobilities for students and teachers

CO-HOST encourages forms of tourism that respect the environment, local cultures and that contribute to thesustainable development of the territories: it is particularly interesting and strategic, for VET students and staff, toexperience during their internship periods in the EU, the most advanced practices in this field, which are ensured by experienced partners.

Mobilities are at the core of the project’s methodology, as they are fundamental to achieve the project’s specific objectives:

  • Staff mobility, aimed to 12 VET teachers teaching technical subjects related to the hospitality and tourism sector, expect them to do one week of foreign mobility for a job shadowing experiences in European VET providers or companies.
  • Mobility of learners, aimed to 90 students of VET courses in hospitality, tourism and marketing coming from the WB countries, for an internship in a company abroad. The selection process, based on the guidelines and templates provided by EAQOM, will be carried out by each WB project partners, coordinating the VET schools, through an open call and by a Commission.